Thank you for visiting. Record of Hope is here to listen to the voice of radical hope. Our aim is to support the voice of inspired vision in the face of personal, social, humanitarian and environmental crisis, in so doing deepening our understanding of suffering while celebrating the life-choices of those who work to give the voice of care a chance to shine through. Please support us by signing up to our newsletter in the pop-up window or contacting us through the contact page.

Hope is fieldcraft for spiritual survival, and we are looking here to those operating on the frontlines of the human condition for initiation into its secrets.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to listen compassionately to voices from the edges of humanitarian, environmental and spiritual crisis, allowing their stories to emerge in the fullness of their suffering and joy, and, in the sharing, to contribute to creating a culture of radical hope.

In giving voice to radical hope we aim to foster a conscious spiritual resilience in the face of global ecosystem collapse and extreme humanitarian instability. Our angle is non-denominational and fundamentally experience-based, but we are at the same time receptive to the teachings and insights of the spiritual and scientific traditions.

By choosing to release our first newsletter on 10 December, Human Rights Day, we are deliberately choosing to mark the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris in 1948. Never like now, as we approach the charter’s seventieth year, have we been in such dire need of a fundamental reappraisal of what it means to be human.

Each Record presented by Record of Hope focuses on a specific humanitarian or environmental project and seeks out the voices of some of those who participated in it. Through their personal stories we essentially tell a meta-story that touches upon a wide range of themes, from the anecdotal to the profound.

It is hoped that what we offer here will spark reflection upon the condition of the world and our role in it and inspire people to turn their creative talents and resources to a life of care and stewardship. Our planet needs us, and we need us too.


Record of Hope is part of a lifelong inquiry into the creative process and how to be of service in the world. My aim in creating Record of Hope has been to offer a narrative space in which voices from the field with stories to tell of human resilience in the face of suffering can express what needs to be expressed. The net result of the interviews, research and writing is, hopefully, a narrative product that has the capacity to inspire others to take supportive action in situations of need.

Robert Norris I first encountered mindfulness meditation during an aikido seminar twenty years ago. Since then I have attended silent meditation retreats in Israel, India, Germany and France, and in 2018 I completed a Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC website) in Germany.

In a dream I had to give a very important speech. No preparation, just stand and say what needs to be said. It was not about what I was able to say, but about what stands in the way of authentic action. Record of Hope is an attempt to address that question

Joe Peloquin was born in Rhode Island, on the east coast of the United States. He has spent the majority of the last five years either on meditation retreat or actively engaged on grassroots ecological and humanitarian projects in France, Israel/Palestine and India. He joined Record of Hope in its earliest phase as both collaborator and the ‘voice’ in the first Record.

Every person is a layperson, and life is a layperson’s game. Let’s start with that.

Record of Hope