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Calais At The Crossroads

Our first Record of Hope, Calais At The Crossroads is the culmination of months of discussion and writing on the experiences of one volunteer-activist in the Jungle refugee camp in Calais, Northern France. It combines the raw account itself with an introductory essay on activism, useful links for further action and inquiry, poetry and artwork. Its purpose is to motivate those who feel the need to take action, but are unsure about the first step and how to take it.

Robert Norris and Joe Peolquin, 2018


A critical response to the teachings around hope in the Buddhist canon. References to Pema Chödron, Christopher Titmuss, Thanissaro Bikku, Dante, Dickinson, kotodama, personal experience and gang violence in Los Angeles and London – 2570 words

Robert Norris, 2020

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