Six Conditions of Hope: a talk by David Gee (9 Apr 2020)

In this talk, organised by the Mindfulness and Social Change Network, David Gee (Hope’s Work) offers us a preview of his inquiry into hope, which is soon to be published as a book.

People and the earth matter to you. Our collective violence unsettles you, but whether anything can change it you don’t know.

Drawing on testimony, story, and myth, Hope’s Work explores a radical hope fit for our situation – alive to the world’s promise, determined to look its tragedy in the eye.

From Hope’s Work website

His project began with a conversation with an activist friend who was experiencing burnout, and led to an inquiry into what it is about hope that makes work possible, and what about its absence, hopelessness, makes work impossible. David’s investigation has taken him around the UK interviewing frontline workers.

In his talk, he examines the six conditions of hope that came up consistently in his interviews, and threads into their exploration the theme of mindfulness as a useful framework in which to view a practice of hope.

The following is a write-up of notes taken during the talk, complemented with additional input from me with links for further reading.  

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